Tehran Business School offers intensive one-year courses in the following 10 fields which students can choose from based on their interests and fields of activity. (For an introduction and overview of the courses click on each title):

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for marketing products and services. Considering the intense competition among organizations for selling products and the global economic recession, graduates of this program will have a competitive advantage as well as high employability and by learning the latest marketing methods and techniques they will create value for their firms. In addition to teaching Marketing techniques, the courses of this program have been designed to help the trainees develop the holistic and theoretical knowledge necessary to understand and apply these techniques and methods.

This program is suitable for those who, considering the specific conditions of the country’s financial market, intend to intelligently  investments in the stock market. It is also suitable for those who have undertaken the management of financial affairs of organizations and provide specialized consulting services in this field. Thus the main focus of this program is the practical application of the knowledge and methods of financial management to enable the graduates to become experts in their own fields and financial leaders in their companies.

Strategic managers are like helmsmen who, by looking into the horizon, steer the vessel of an organization towards their goals. Strategic thinking is essential for all managers because the realization of the main strategies depends on the employees and managers’ full understanding of a strategy which helps them plan and operate accordingly. By passing this course, the students not only learn the required practical planning skills and strategic management, but they will also nurture their strategic thinking to become more effective and resourceful in any job they take.

Any organization, whether it’s public or private, or works in services or manufacturing, must perform a set of processes to fulfill its objectives. This is considered the core of an organization. The operational processes of an organization are its beating heart. As such, the method of operations management is one of the factors that separate the strong and successful companies from the weak and failed ones. Graduates of this program will be able to manage the processes of their organizations with the aim of creating and maintaining smooth operations and high productivity. They will also be able to understand the problems related to organization operations and to provide practical solutions for them.

With the increased complexity in the works of today’s organizations, information systems have become very important. In addition, enterprises are becoming more and more interested in the use of different information and communication technologies and individuals who possess the required knowledge in the field of information systems have become of great value to these companies. Students of this program will obtain the knowledge and techniques for defining requirements, preparation, design, implementation and evaluation of information systems. They will also be able to provide innovative approaches to establishing reliable communication channels between the organization, the consumers and the suppliers.

Project management has nowadays become a stand-alone field of study and is taught as a popular course in reputable universities around the world. The vast uses of the concepts and techniques of project management has added to its value. Further, in an era of progress and change, project-driven companies that do not have the fixed structure of conventional organizations are increasing and the management of such organizations requires knowledge of its own. In addition, many graduates of various fields prefer to get involved in different projects related to their own fields rather than obtain a fixed job in a specific organization. Improving knowledge of project management can make this matter much easier for them. In this program, the main topics of project management will be taught to the students in accordance with the international standards.

Experience of companies and countries around the world shows that the presence of state-of-the-art technology alone will not determine the success of organizations. Indeed the effectiveness of a technology depends on the organization’s social system as well as the degree of the technology’s alignment and adherence to the social system’s goals and strategies. In short, the management of a technology is in effect more important than the technology itself. On the other hand, to keep up with the competition today’s organizations have no choice but to  use advanced technology. It is here that the significant value of tech management becomes clear. Technology Management involves dealing with many types of issues and challenges. This program provides the tools and the know-how needed for the task.

Many graduates of the fields of petroleum and petrochemical wish to work in these industries with a managerial knowledge and approach. Also, many individuals who are already employed in these field can facilitate their own career advancement by adding knowledge of  management to their respective fields. Likewise, Management graduates who intend to work in this field can also benefit from this program as it trains the students in the management skills specific to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The ever-rising costs of energy have placed severe financial burdens not only on the companies operating in the field of energy but also those that are generally involved in production and manufacture, such that optimal energy management can significantly increase their profit margins. Non-renewable fossil fuel stores are depleting and in the near future, the ability to utilize renewable energy sources will determine the success and development of organizations and even of countries. The aim of Energy Management is the optimization of energy consumption, cost saving, environment conservation as well as guaranteeing a permanent access to sustainable energy. This program equips the trainees with the knowledge and skills needed for achieving these goals.

Management at intermediate and higher levels of organizations requires a comprehensive outlook and multi-tasking ability which cannot be obtained by specializing in only one field of management. An administrator must take into consideration the activities in higher and lower parts of the organization in order to ensure its advancement. The aim of this program is to train effective managers who can fill organization’s strategic positions and are able to use their multi-dimensional views to lead all kinds of organizations.

It must be noted that, to ensure the effectiveness of this program, its topics and resources have been chosen from foreign universities and adapted to match the approved units within Iran.