By acquiring the degrees offered at the institute, MBA graduates can not only enroll in the DBA programs offered here, but also continue their studies in DBA or PhD abroad.
By employing experts, TBS has taken steps to establish a center for facilitating the admission of graduates into prestigious universities abroad.
Tasks of the international center include correspondence with universities around the world to help graduates obtain joint MBA degrees, as well as enabling their admission into the DBA program in foreign universities.
Among the achievements of this department is the academic and scientific collaboration with professors from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard.
Collaborations have taken place with universities offering MBA and DBA to ensure that the graduates of this school, upon completing their programs of study, will not encounter any problems when registering at any of the universities that are approved by The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. All the stages will be carried out by the TBS admissions office.

The activities of international center can include:

– Organizing Joint-Degree programs with prestigious universities abroad
– Consulting for studying in universities abroad
– Consulting on choosing the right university for further education
– Consulting on essay writing, articles and theses
– Preparing students for travelling abroad
– Consulting on choosing an appropriate field of study
– Performing all the relevant correspondence