Programs Currently Enrolling

Registration in these programs is currently taking place and applicants may choose any of the short term courses listed below based on their needs and interests. Click on each of the programs below to read more information.


Marketing and Sales Management Program
In any business or organization, sales managers must understand that they face one of the most challenging jobs in the world and should therefore seek to increase their skills of planning, organizing, directing and controlling their sales force in order to deliver the best and most profitable results to their organizations in today’s competitive market.
On the other hand, many entrepreneurs do not succeed, despite having original ideas and lots of competence and aptitude, because they failed in attracting and sustaining costumers and in selling their products and services. This fact makes their acquaintance with the skills and techniques of marketing ever more important.
General Course Contents:
– Identification and Assessment of Factors in the Marketing Environment
– Market Segmentation
– Positioning in a Market
– Increasing Brand Awareness, Enhancing Brand Recognition and Strengthening the Brand
– Market Opportunity Identification and Analysis
– Target Market Selection
– Preparation, Implementation and Control of Marketing Programs


Advertising and Public Relations Management
Since the advertisement managers have a responsibility to motivate and incent people towards a specific goal, they can use scientific strategies and adequate knowledge of advertising management to provide the ideal ground for attracting clients and to show that advertising is not an investment not an expenditure. Further, public relations is considered the showcase of an organization and the link between it and the environment. And given the constant changes in today’s market environment as well as the increasing value of costumers as the most important external stakeholders, the responsibilities of public relations management have grown much more crucial and sensitive than before and have become one of the most important parts of every developing and progressive organization.

General Course Contents:
– Marketing and Advertising
– Incentive and Promotional Activities
– Major Decisions in Matters of Ads and Banners
– Strategies for Advertising Services
– Marketing and Advertising Research
– Principles of Public Relations
– Integrated Marketing
– Advertisements and Announcements
– Advertising Styles
– Advertising in Global Markets
– Public Relations and its Nature
– Public Relations in Global Markets
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Good relation between the organization and its customers is the heart of success in every organization. Costumer relations has thus become the center of attention and has resulted in severe competition in customer attraction and retention. CRM is the most effective system in increasing customer satisfaction, retaining the existing clients, drawing more customers, providing the appropriate services for ensuring the loyalty of customers and ultimately in creating value in sales and income.

General Course Contents:
– Defining Customer Relations
– Effective Customer Relation Tools
– CRM Planning
– Methods of Customer Relationship Management
– CRM Design
– CRM Execution and Implementation


Understanding of and How to Enter and Invest in the Stock Market
Understanding of the stock market and becoming active in it can play a very effective role in people’s financial lives. Therefore, by gaining more knowledge in this field people can obtain an insight into stock market trading and investment principles and use the concepts of this market to decrease the risk of their investments before entering it. “Lack of the required knowledge in stocks” is the most important reason that unsuccessful people in this field attribute their failures to.
General Course Contents:
– Concepts of Financial Markets
– Capital Increase
– Cash Dividends
– Market Efficiency
– Practical Methods of Trading
– Introduction to Investment Funds and Investment Strategies
– Shareholders’ Rights, Common stock and Preference (Priority of rights)
– Earnings per Share (EPS)
– Net Asset Value (NAV) and Making Decisions Based on It
– Fixed-Income Securities
– Sales fees and Taxes
– Group Purchases

– Introduction to Over-the-Counter Stock Exchange (OTC)

– Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E) and Making Decisions Based on It

– Introduction to Technical Analysis
– Online Trading
– Introduction to the Types of Securities
– Stock Indices
– Introduction to the Stock Exchange Industries
– Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
– Modern Tools of Finance
– Initial Public Offering
– Sukuk (Islamic Bonds in Finance)

Technical Analysis Course
Those who want to perform informed and educated analyses of graphs and charts in the stock market and make logical forecasts of the future of the prices in this market need sufficient knowledge and insight in order to face the competitors. These people can take specialized courses to master an array of tools and advanced indicators and use various technical theories to recognize the best opportunities for timely entry to and exit from the stock market. These individuals are able to rely solely on their own knowledge to perform trades and to make the best decisions in the shortest possible time.
General Course Contents:
-Logic and Support
– Charts and Figures
– Price Patterns
– Continuation Patterns
– Volume Related Indices
– Divergences
– Ascending Patterns
– Proper Entry and Exit in Stocks
– Trading Strategies
– Technical Analysis Software
– Trends and Concepts
– Reversal Patterns
– Trend Indices
– Momentum Indices
– Other Indices
– Candlestick Charts and Patterns
– Descending Trends
– Proper Strategies
– Market Rest and Monitoring