MBA Program Specifications



The course takes place in the duration of a year and consists of 3 terms: 1. Term for Foundation courses. 2. Term for main courses. 3. Term for specialized courses.

Each course is taught for a total of 20 hours. The firs term consists of 140 hours for 7 courses and the second and third term each entail 120 hours for 6 courses. The program is in total comprised of 380 hours of lesson for 19 courses.

To cater to the busy schedule of the students who are employed, classes are held only on Thursdays at 8:00.


Admission Requirements:


– Valid Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BA, etc.)

– Review of the applicant’s resume

– Successful completion of admission interview


In the admission stage, applicants are evaluated based solely on their strengths and aptitudes in management. But needless to say, due to limited spacing, a review of the applicants’ resume is required for giving priority.