The DBA program (Doctor of Business Administration) is designed for those who seek progress in their jobs in a professional way and through acquiring knowledge and a deep insight of their field of work. To this end, this course has been devised to enablethe students to get involved in a long-term, professional research process without causing any interruption or damage to their daily jobs.
The DBA program of Tehran Business School provides the student with an opportunity to perform an in-depth study and research on a business or organization-related problem and to then implement the results obtained in real life work. Participation in this program will turn managers into experts and efficient individuals who can use their own work experience along with the knowledge and techniques acquired in this course to advance their professional activities to higher levels.
By applying rigorous academic standards, the students of this institute’s DBA program are selected from among applicants who possess the relevant professional goals and sufficient motivation and practical experience. So in the DBA program of the Tehran Business School, you will be working and studying alongside an expert team consisting of senior-level managers and professionals from various sectors of business.