The DBA program lasts two years. The program is divided into two phases: Training and Research. The training phase begins after the student has been accepted. In this stage the students will take a number of advanced courses to learn the needed fundamentals before starting their research work. The curriculum is covered over the course of four terms (three training terms and a fourth term for the thesis) as follows:

First Term

This term aims to improve the attitude, knowledge and skills of students in regards to topics of organization and business management.

course nameduration
New Methods in HRM20 hours
International Economic Analysis20 hours
Advanced Marketing20 hours
Advanced Strategic Management20 hours
Project Management20 hours
Seminar on Exchange and Securities20 hours
Seminar on Financing Management20 hours

Second Term


The aim of this term is to promote students’ knowledge and abilities in regards to special skills for business .management

course nameduration
Innovation Management16 hours
New Leadership Skills16 hours
Managing Supply Chain and Distribution of Goods and Services20 hours
Future Studies20 hours
Seminar on Market Design12 hours
Seminar on Business Plan12 hours

Third Term

The purpose of this term is to enhance the students’ skills in specialized sectors of the key infrastructures of business management.

course nameduration
Marketing Strategies20 hours
Business Management in International Environment20 hours
Risk Management16 hours
Analysis of Consumer Behavior16 hours
Seminar on Technology Management12 hours
Seminar on Operations Management12 hours
Research Methods24 hours

Fourth Term

Selection of a thesis topic and acceptance of thesis proposal by the education department and the academic faculty.

Proposal Defense4
Selecting Research Method4
Thesis Defense4