Importance Of DBA

Organizations are becoming increasingly complex and managing them with mere experience or reliance on a few specific techniques will no longer be effective. Today’s markets and organizations demand managers with multidimensional perspectives and holistic attitudes who have the ability to understand and successfully run a complex organization. What is of great importance here is a deep theoretical knowledge coupled with practice and application. Theory is useless if not accompanied by action, and application is blind and pointless without deep theoretical knowledge. The DBA courses of The Tehran Business School have been designed to meet this vital need. Therefore a balanced emphasis has been placed on an in-depth theoretical understanding and application of knowledge and management techniques with regards to the specific conditions of business in our country. The thesis at the end of the program is also very important as it is a means for the application of managerial knowledge to solve specific business problems and increasing knowledge in a specialized field. After successful completion of this course, graduates, now experts in the field of organization management, become effective leaders and will pass on their learnings to other positions within the organization.